A new Type B(U) Fissile, flexible multi-size cask solution to your fuel transport requirements

Christopher L. Dane - ROBATEL Industries
Paul Harding - International Nuclear Services France
Fabien LABERGRI - ROBATEL Industries
Mathias CHAZOT - ROBATEL Industries
Julien Patru - ROBATEL Industries
Constance Robeyns - ROBATEL Industries
Laurent Lievre - ROBATEL Industries
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INS, as part of the NDA group, is in charge of the management of contracts between NDA & customers (reprocessing, waste return,…), transport of nuclear materials, particularly maritime with a fleet of specially designed & dedicated vessels, and over 40 years operation of specialist vessels.ROBATEL Industries is a worldwide nuclear turnkey services provider, especially regarding bespoke radioactive material transportation casks. For decades ROBATEL has designed numerous package models, type B ones especially which require regulators approvals. Based on such a broad experience, the company acquired a comprehensive knowledge of the technical issues related to safety and to international regulations.A new versatile fresh fuels type B caskINS and Robatel are today looking to combine their strengths & experience to develop a cask as a flexible solution, in various sizes ranging from a small cask which can be handled manually through to a larger version for those utilities with greater lifting capacity and needs, in order to better serve the nuclear laboratories and research centers.This new cask should be able to carry small quantities of PuO2 powder, plutonium contaminated wastes, highly enriched uranium pellets and residues, MOX pellets and residues or compacted wastes…The aim of this paper is to present this new type B Fissile package concept dedicated to the Research Reactor fuels transportation, describing in main design features on its specificities, mainly in terms of innovative implementation of materials to meet the latest SSR-6 requirements.