Assessing Training Needs for the Radiological Transport Industry

Commie Byrum - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Ken Martin - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
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On a daily basis in the United States, multiple shipments of Category 1 and 2 radiological materials are transported within and across our borders. The vulnerabilities that exist with these shipments make it imperative that the people and organizations responsible for the safe transportation of these materials are properly trained and prepared. This paper will identify existing security training programs for the radiological transportation industry, assess the needs for additional security training, and identify gaps and barriers. This effort also seeks to learn from experts in the transportation sector about the most effectively implemented training in the field. The results are intended to inform those responsible for supporting, developing, or implementing security training about where gaps and barriers may exist, what delivery mechanisms are favored and most practical, and what additional training is needed to address the vulnerabilities within the industry.