Applying Immersive Learning Methodologies to the Safety and Security Interface Paradigm for Normal Commercial Shipments of Radioactive Material

Malinda S. Devaney - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Nichole White - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Kimberly K. Anderson - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
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During a series of consultancy meetings at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to develop a technical document that assists in the interface between safety and security in the transport of radioactive material, it was determined that, in addition to the technical document (TECDOC), workshop content would be developed to ensure that knowledge would be transferred. By using the systematic approach to training and immersive learning methodologies, the IAEA will provide a TECDOC and workshop content to Member States. The workshop will be designed using 3D modeling to ensure that workshop participants are actively engaged in the learning process by being immersed in realistic scenarios. Workshop participants will utilize the 3D model to assess and evaluate segments of transport security. By using the 3D model as the basis for learning, the use of PowerPoint slides will be reduced. In this approach, workshop participants will be encouraged to begin their interactions early in the workshop and will be partnered with other participants, so they learn from each other as well as the instructors. The 3D model will be provided to each workshop participant so that they can share with others and continue their learning experience after they complete the workshop. A separate paper will outline the workshop materials developed to date.