University Research to Support the MPACT 2020 Milestone

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Noah C. Harris - Oregon State University
Haori Yang - Oregon State University
Jianbang Ge - Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Jinsuo Zhang - Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Jamie Coble - University of Tennessee
Steven Skutnik - University of Tennessee
Neil R. Taylor - Ohio State University
Joshua Jarrell - Ohio State University
Thomas E. Blue - Ohio State University
Lei Cao - Ohio State University
Michael F. Simpson - University of Utah
Benjamin B. Cipiti - Sandia National Laboratories
Nathan Shoman - Sandia National Laboratories
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University research is a strong focus of the Office of Nuclear Energy within the U.S. Department of Energy. This research complements existing work in the various program areas and provides support and training for students entering the field. Four university projects have provided support to the Material Protection Accounting and Controls Technologies (MPACT) 2020 milestone focused on safeguards for electrochemical processing facilities. The University of Tennessee Knoxville has examined data fusion of Non-Destructive Analysis (NDA) measurements such as Hybrid K-Edge Densitometry and Cyclic Voltammetry. Oregon State University and Virginia Polytechnic Institute have examined the integration of accountancy data with process monitoring data for safeguards. The Ohio State University and the University of Utah have developed a Ni-Pt SiC Schottky diode capable of high temperature alpha spectroscopy for actinide detection of molten salts. This paper presents an overview of this work and how these technologies or approaches may tie into an overall safeguards approach.