Automated Processing of Open Source Information for Nonproliferation Purposes

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Ian J. Stewart - King’s College London - UK
Alexander Lee - King's College London - UK
Ahmed ElGebaly - King's College London - Egypt

This paper examines automated approaches to assist human analysts in systematic utilization of open source information in nonproliferation efforts. The paper begins by highlighting the value of big data analysis to nonproliferation efforts. It then introduces a number of approaches that can be used for data collecting and storage, enriching, and visualization. These are structured as workflows that arguably are a useful construct when considering how large analytical organizations can incorporate automation processes in their analytical processes. Finally, the paper examines a number of architectural approaches to integrate the capabilities examined in this paper for practical application. The paper argues that such platforms and capabilities can augment but not replace human analysts in nonproliferation efforts. This paper draws on a test-bed platform constructed at King’s College London.