Workshop: \"How to Iinorovs Nuclear Materials Management\"

Frederick Forscher - Nuclear Material and Equipment Corporation
Improvements in Nuclear Materials Management is a continuous process; such a workshop therefore could and should be an integral part of each annual meeting of the INMM. As long as the material is owned by the U.S. Government while private industry is allowed to process it, we must look toward better Government- Industry cooperation to improve our- SUM management. The wider use of nuclear power both for stationary power plants as well as propulsions on land, water, and in space is only in its infancy; so is also the use of radioisotopes for industrial application and medicine. The general public will have to know more about handling, storing, shipping, even processing these materials; this calls for wider education. Thus, the two imperative ground rules for improvements in SIM management are 1. Government-Industry cooperation 2. Better and wider education. After these more \"general remarks, I would like to get to some more specific subjects, some of which may be old, some Utopian, some new and practical. In all cases I would like to be stimulating without being controversial.