Summary of Workshop on \"Private Ownership of Uranium1 held at St. Louis - May 14, 1962

G. W. LaPier - N/A
After a brief introduction to the subpct by G. W. LaPier and some additional remarks by E. Tremmel of USAEC (Civilian Participation) the group was broken into \"discussion groups\". For the work shop discussions, groups were made up of members with a \"common area of interest\". These areas of interest were labelled as follows: 1. Fabrication Group This unit was made up of NMM members involved in the fabrication of nuclear materials into fuel. 2. Finance Group This group was composed of those members \"whose prime interest falls in the financing, accounting or accountability areas of nuclear ^materials. 3. Processing Group Members of this workshop unit were those 'who are directly coraji&cted to the processing or reprocessing of nuclear fuel materials. 4. Reactor Operations Group Those NMM members whose prime interest is some phase of the Ofg?*- ations of nuclear reactors. 5. Technical Group This group was composed of those whose area of interest is essentially R & D. Each group was given a suggested outline to follow. The outline for each group preceeds the summation of that group's discussion. Below is a summarization of the notes taken either by the chairman of the discussion group or by an appointed -secretary.