Michael Vannoni - Sandia National Laboratories
J. N. Anno - Battelle Memorial Institute
Most of this paper concerns the economic aspects of operating the Battelle Research Reactor, in particular the costs of the fuel cycle. Some of these aspects are common to other reactor types but several are peculiar to the research reactor. This discussion is related to the purposes of-the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management in that, to a significant degree, the ability to operate the Battelle Reactor economically hinges upon the costs of the nuclear fuel from cradle to grave. Breakdowns of the operating costs of the Battelle Reactor will be presented, showing the importance of fuel costs relative to the over-all operating expenses. While it is probably true that economics is the backbone or at least the motivation of about every company represented in INMM, it is particularly vital to Battelle since it ultimately determines ability to provide research services at a low dollar figure to sponsors. During the course of this paper, there will be apparent an occasional suggestion and sometimes a plea for changes in policy and costs related to nuclear fuels, based on the viewpoint of the reactor operator.