' Plasma Utilization of Aqueous-Organic Compositions as a Nuclear Reactor Waste
for Treatment '

Youmna Sami Mahmoud Khalil Ghoniem
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The process of disposing of spent nuclear fuel reprocessing waste in air plasma in the form of water-salt organic compounds is the focal point of the study. The study's objective is to assess the capability of effectively disposing of spent nuclear fuel reprocessing waste in air plasma in the form of compositionally optimal watersalt organic compositions. More specifically, the following tasks were completed: Using thermodynamic modeling, the spent nuclear fuel reprocessing waste is disposed of in air plasma as water-salt organic compounds. In an air-plasma flow, droplet evaporation is modeled kinetically. Patterns of the influence of the starting point of the air-plasma flow, droplet properties, as well as the initial mass ratio of the liquid and gaseous phases are formed on the evaporation kinetics of droplets dispersed in aqueous-organic compositions in the air-plasma flow. It is shown that for aqueous-organic compositions with the adiabatic combustion temperature no lower than 1200°C, the phase of solvent evaporation is the limiting step of the overall process in the air-plasma flow. The compositions of model water-salt-organic compositions are determined, as well as the modes that ensure the effective plasma utilization in an air-plasma flow for the treatment of radioactive waste. These measurements are made while a plasma have based on the Very High Frequency (VHF) Plasma torch is operating. Simulation for DC thermal plasma plant using COMSOL Multi-physics simulation to determine the physical, electromagnetic properties variations during its operation, and the variation in the thermodynamic properties of the Uranyal Nitrate UO2 (NO3)2 solution in passage through the Air plasma flow. The results of the modelling and experimental studies carried out, can be used to create an energyefficient technology for plasma disposal of spent nuclear fuel processing waste and other intermediate level of liquid radioactive waste.