Panel Discussion on Transport of Nuclear Materials

Tom Bowie - Combustion Engineering
The next presentation on the program is the Panel Discussion on the Transportation of Nuclear Materials. Three members comprise this panel. Mr. Dodd, whom you have just been privileged to hear, and Mr. Milton D. Stewart, who is a New York lawyer and businessman. You may wonder why a lawyer and a businessman. I think after hearing some of Mr. Stewart's background you can see why he would be interested in this particular area and also in the Institute. He is a partner in the law firm of Wikler, Gottlieb, Stewart & Long, which has offices in New York, Albany and Washington. He serves as Vice President and General Counsel of the Small Business Investment Company of New York. He is General Counsel of the American Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association. This, by the way, is the national association of some seventy toll facilities. For four years he served on the legal staff of the Governor of New York, concluding his service as Special Counsel to the Governor. He has also served two and a half years as Chief of the Legal Department, New York State Thruway Authority and continues as its Special Counsel.