W.R. Smith - The Babcock & Wilcox Company
Good afternoon, Gentlemen! I would first like to express my pleasure at being here in Cincinnati to address you of the Institute during your sixth annual meeting. The topic which was suggested for my paper is \"Nuclear Shipboard Operating Experiences\", which seems to me to be broad enough to allow for some fairly wide digressions. I would like to make sure, however, that no one misinterprets the title, as the little boy in Sunday School did on being told the story of Lot's wife, and how she looked back and turned into a pillar of salt. He said, \"Heck, that's nothing - my mother looked back driving us to school the other day and turned into a telephone pole. \" The \"Nuclear Shipboard Operating Experiences\" I will describe relate only to the N. S. Savannah, the world's first nuclear powered passenger-cargo ship. Since I served aboard Savannah as Nuclear Advisor for her first 1964 coastwise, and her first two foreign voyages, I will also be talking today about this period in particular - from February to September of 1964.