A New Compact And Portable Un/attended Fork Detector Monitor (mini-ufdm) For Verification Of Spent Fuel

Elisa Rapisarda - International Atomic Energy Agency
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) uses Unattended Monitoring Systems (UMS) to support safeguarding nuclear material in facilities around the world. These UMS are required to operate continuously without the intervention of inspectors or technicians. One important UMS is the Unattended Fork Detector Monitor (UFDM), which is used to verify spent fuel assemblies before they are transferred from wet storage to dry storage casks. To enable faster deployment to the field, a new compact device has been developed by the IAEA in recent years. This mini-UFDM can be hand-carried by inspectors as checked luggage, allowing for efficient and effective implementation of safeguards in the field. The advancement of the analysis of the mini-UFDM data, through the use of the ORIGEN burn up code and the Inspector Review Application (IRAP), will be also discussed.