An Integrated And Collaborative International Framework For Building Public Support And Acceptance For The Safe And Secure Long-term Management Of Spent Fuel

Ben Belfadhel - Nuclear Waste Management Organization
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The development of Deep Geological Repositories (DGRs) for spent fuel is a necessary step in the nuclear fuel cycle. We have the knowledge and the means to do it safely. It is therefore our ethical responsibility to act now as we owe it to future generations. However, building and sustaining public support is a complex issue as it is influenced by a wide range of evolving economic and socio-political factors that are specific to each country. The NTI Pacific Rim Partnership is actively developing an integrated and collaborative international framework for the siting of DGRs for spent fuel or high-level radioactive waste. The framework builds on best international practices, successes and failures to identify the common ethical, societal, political and technical components that are required to build public acceptance and maximize the chances of success.