Insights from a Joint US/India Workshop on Modeling and Simulation for Improved Nuclear Material Accountancy

Nathan Shoman - Sandia National Laboratories
Ben Cipiti - Sandia National Laboratories
Philip Honnold - Sandia National Laboratories
Michael Higgins - Sandia National Laboratories
Ankita Rao - Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
Neetika Rawat - Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

International technical exchanges are an important avenue for improving global security. During the period of January 17, 2022 to January 20, 2022, a joint, virtual workshop was conducted between the United States and India. This event focused on the use of modeling and simulation for improved nuclear accountancy at real-world facilities. Both short, lecture-style content and interactive exercises were presented. In a first, the open-source safeguards toolkit, the Material Accountancy Performance Indicator Toolkit (MAPIT) was used to reinforce lecture-style content. This paper will discuss general insights from the workshop, the use of hands-on exercises with MAPIT, and post-workshop feedback. Conclusions from this work should help support more effective safeguards workshops and technical exchanges in the future. *Notice*:SNL is managed and operated by NTESS under DOE NNSA contract DE-NA0003525.