GADRAS-DRF for Safeguards -- Autonomous Enrichment and GadPy

Gregory Thoreson - Sandia National Laboratories
Steven Horne - Sandia National Laboratory
Gamma Detector Response and Analysis Software – Detector Response Function (GADRAS-DRF) is a high-fidelity radiation detector simulation tool. It can create efficiency curves, synthesize realistic spectra, and perform various full-spectrum analyses in seconds. There are two current development thrusts in GADRAS-DRF for International Safeguards – a new algorithm for autonomous nuclear material enrichment and isotopics analysis, and a Python and C application programming interface (API). Both will be released in the publicly available GADRAS-DRF code package. The new analysis algorithm leverages a variety of techniques including full-spectrum analysis, relative efficiency curves, and differential attenuation analysis. The algorithm will be applicable to all detector types, including CZT, allowing the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safeguards inspectors to automatically estimate enrichment and isotopics from measured gamma spectra from a variety of instrumentation. This paper discusses the methodology for the algorithm, compares its accuracy to other codes, and demonstrates its use in the new Python interface.