Emulating Variable Uranium Enrichments With Radiation Signature Training Devices (RSTD)

Chris Scott Blessinger - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Jared A Johnson - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Mike Dion - Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge
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Radiological signature training devices (RSTDs) are sealed sources (or assemblies of sources) that emulate the radiation signature of larger masses of special nuclear material for passive detection while maintaining a minimal logistical footprint in security, radiological safety, criticality safety, and transportation requirements. Previous work focused on emulation of large quantities of highly enriched uranium for search and field identification with radioisotope identification detectors and mobile systems. New work has expanded into investigating use of the RSTDs with laboratory safeguards tools, such as MGAU and FRAM, and emulating uranium spectra of multiple enrichments over more energy regions (particularly the x-ray region).