Development of Nuclear Forensics using Synchrotron
Radiation-Based Analysis at the National Synchrotron Light

Rebecca A. Coles - Brookhaven National Laboratory
Biays Bowerman - Brookhaven National Laboratory
Steven Glozek - Brookhaven National Laboratory
Susan Pepper - Brookhaven National Laboratory
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To identify illicit nuclear materials, and undeclared pathways associated with their production, we must be able to determine their origin even in situations where the evidence of their presence consists only of submicron dust or particle debris. The Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Nonproliferation and National Security Department, in collaboration with the National Synchrotron Light Source II, has investigated how synchrotronbased capabilities can support actinide analysis of nuclear samples, such as those that might be collected during safeguards inspections. Our primary focus has been to provide automated, high-throughput, and non-destructive x-ray fluorescence microscopic analysis of environmental samples with a higher spatial resolution and sensitivity than would be achievable solely with current laboratory-based techniques. This paper describes work that has been performed by a multi-laboratory team for the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Office of Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation and discusses additional ways that synchrotrons can be employed for nonproliferation and arms control.