Contemporary Optical Surveillance Technologies

James Garner - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Kelly Jenkins - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Jason Hite - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Greg Westphal - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
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Contemporary Optical Surveillance TechnologiesJ. Garner1, K. Jenkins2, J. Hite1, G. Westphal1, A. Moore2, J. Benz2, J. Cree2, M. MacDougall2, N. Moore2, N. Smith21Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 1 Bethel Valley Rd, Oak Ridge, TN 378302Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, 902 Battelle Boulevard, Richland, WA 99354This paper will discuss recent advances in digital imaging technologies that may be applicable for International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards. This paper will also introduce some of the differences between charge coupled devices and complementary metal oxide semiconductor sensors, methods to improve low light performance, approaches to improve radiation tolerance, and alternatives to visible light imaging, such as infrared cameras and time-of-flight sensors.* The work presented in this paper was funded by the National Nuclear Security Administration of the Department of Energy, Office of International Nuclear Safeguards.