Avert Robotic Mission Planning & Operations (AVERT-MPO) To Support Physical Security Posture

James Raines - ARES Security Corporation
Dan Zwinck - ARES Security Corporation
Al Casas - ARES Security Corporation
Blane Schertz - ARES Security Corporation
John Halsema - ARES Security Corporation
Ben Eazzetta - ARES Security Corporation
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The rapidly evolving robotic technology provides unprecedented capabilities to supplement, perform and potentially replace activities that in the past were only performed by humans. Robots have been deployed in many markets outside for nuclear from manufacturing assemble to work that must be performed in environments hazardous to humans. The military and other mission critical markets are researching the use of robots to support security and other mission critical applications. ARES Security Corporation (ARES) is actively expanding the AVERT software suite by developing a robotic Mission Planning & Operations (MPO) applications for the military, commercial nuclear and others called AVERT-MPO.AVERT-MPO couples together the AVERT 3D-Digital Twin, with the pathfinding capabilities of AVERT Physical Security (AVERT-PS) and the command and control of AVERT-C2 with autonomous robots. AVERT-PS is actively deployed at 65% of the US commercial nuclear fleet, at government organizations and within other commercial markets. AVERT’s pathing algorithms which include unique capability such as cover and concealment, avoid firepower and avoid detection have been validated by both the DOD and DOE. AVERT-C2 has been in active use since first deployed in 2005. It is currently used in 35 Major US Ports. Along with servicing ports, AVERT-C2 is also used in the Transportation Industry as well as Law Enforcement Agencies across the Country. The concept of operations (CONOPS) is that AVERT-MPO is the operational robot master that tasks the robot, obtains information captured by the robot and propagates that information out to the end user. This paper will introduce the AVERT-MPO software, provide example use cases and define the benefits of using robotic technology to support physical security posture.