Assessing the Nuclear Security Sector’s Gender Equality Initiative Success Using Data from Academic Journals: Analyzing the International Journal of Nuclear Security’s Special Issue for Women in Nuclear Security

Ashley Humphrey - Oak Ridge National Labs
In the past decade, many governments and international nuclear security organizations have enlisted programs to bolster gender equality in the nuclear security sector. The programs focus on many of the same elements such as mentorship, professional development, networking, and enabling work environments; however, despite the well-received participation in these programs, the successes are not easily measured. In 2022, the International Journal of Nuclear Security published a special issue featuring women in nuclear security. Submissions were only accepted for this issue where the first author was female, or the paper’s subject was based on increasing women’s roles in the nuclear security sector. The journal’s publishing requirements brought to light valuable information and data advocates can use to reassess the gender equality movement. This paper shares how utilizing an academic journal’s special issue capabilities can be a tool in measuring the success of gender parity in the nuclear security sector and identifying gaps in the current approach for resolution.