Edwin Wiggin - Atomic Industrial Forum
It will be my intent in this brief presentation to: (1) summarize what the Forum is currently doing in developing nuclear standards that may be of interest to the members of INMM, (2) suggest wherein I believe INMM can lend unique assistance in developing certain nuclear standards, and (3) plead for increased INMM assistance in coordinating its interests and efforts in this area with other standards drafting organizations. Apropos of my last point, I would like to congratulate the organizers of this meeting in setting up this workshop panel on standards. I know of no single industry-wide activity in the nuclear field that can lay claim to more self-starters, more kibitzers, and fewer coordinators than can the development of standards. This is not so much a complaint as it is an observation. I think we all recognize that by their very nature standards must, if they are to be useful and workable, take into account the thinking and experience of many people. Nuclear standards are no exception, and I think the nuclear industry can take pride in the way it has stepped up to the need. But all this activity has led to a total effort so complex in its organization and operation that only through meetings such as this can we begin to appreciate how the work of one group fits in with that of another. I will want to return to this point, because I believe that some additional steps can be taken to avoid confusion and duplication of effort in the nuclear standards program.